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Avnø Højskole
An ambitious learning environment - locally anchored with a global outlook

Transformational teaching. Regenerating people, communities and Earth. Part of Oasis Ecovillage Project.


Ecovillage as a learning environment:

Important life and social skills are best learned, when theory and praxis go hand in hand. Thus students will engage in community life, group decision making, daily chores, cultural activities & enterprises. Observing what works and learning from what doesn’t.

Holistic approach to nutrition & lifestyle for people and planet.

Long term students form groups, who work more independently on co-creating and designing green projects and regenerative enterprises to be initiated, when they return home.

Did you ever wonder how to:

  • Increase your vitality and energy level and improve your health?
  • Get out of the hamster wheel and create an income while making a difference?
  • Adjust to major changes in life?
  • Create better relationships with other people?
  • Find the people, you resonate with, and would like to create projects together with?
  • Contribute to the green transition to secure the earth for future generations?
  • Create an organisation with shared power and decision making that doesn’t create winners/looser’s?
  • Connect with your true self?
  • Make money serve you rather than control your life?
  • Design an intentional community or green project?
  • Grow your garden using permaculture principles?

Why at Avnø ?

How would we change our approach to life, if biodiversity & balance became our first priority? 

On humanity’s path to live in harmony on our Planet, Avnø can become a spectacular learning platform.

A place to merge with Nature and feel it. An island of awareness for mind, body, and soul. A green Oasis, where the connections between Self and Nature may be restored. A place for reflection, renewal, and starting over.