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a laboratory for developing a sustainable future

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Create a positive change in yourself and in the World – Join a course at Avnø Højskole.

Adapt to a healthy lifestyle

Food and identity. How to design a diet that works for you! The importance of movement, physical activity, and breathing.

Reconnection gives Direction

Learn a positive mindset and positive beliefs about yourself and the world. Wisdom, identification, and contact with nature.

Permaculture & Design Principles

Permaculture is about designing a “permanent culture”, once the principles are understood, they can be used to design any area of ​​life.

Ecopreneurship & Economics

Project development and project management. What do you love to do and who needs it? How to turn it into a business.

Join the Project Course

The project course starts with the basic course’s 4 modules, so that everyone has the same starting point. A project can last from 6-40 weeks incl. the basic course. The purpose of the project course is to integrate what you have learned in the basic course so that it becomes practically applicable in your everyday life. 


You can select a single module, select two or three consecutive. Or you can choose all four and continue on our project course

We are more than a Højskole (Peoples College)

We are in the process of building an ecovillage with peoples college, co-housing and green socio-economic enterprises, which we hope will turn into one of the most inspiring green hot spots in the world

Avnø Højskole is a part of the OASIS project.

You will be involved in community, group decisions, daily chores, cultural activities and entrepreneurship.

A process that challenges and stimulates your willpower and develops your ability to actively participate in building an inclusive and sustainable society.


Together we are making a movement

Our whole philosophy is green, we are not only teaching how to make a difference in the world, but we are also doing it!

We are in line with the needs of the current time.  We passionately and compassionately empower people to identify the elements that need to change to turn the present global challenges into opportunities.

A transition from the industrial growth model into a life-sustaining model, where people replicate nature and natural cycles.

Adjustment and action are needed in all areas of life: Health, Self-worth, Relationships, Career, Climate, and Economy.

Become the leaders of today and tomorrow

Avnø Højskole is for people who want to make a positive difference

  • Do you want a richer life and to find your unique way to make a positive difference?
  • Do you want to heal yourself and contribute to healing the planet?
  • Do you want to sustain yourself with what you love to do, and live an original life?
  • Do you want to be a change-maker – and work for a better world?

We will support you to become more grounded, increase your self-understanding and become more open to the world.

Together we will study the key dimensions of globalization, co-create climate solutions and social innovation projects.

 Avnø højskole is a good choice for you, if you enjoy being in an international environment with a special focus on health and sustainability!

No green transition without transition in other areas – everything is interconnected.