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Health, Sustainability & Entrepreneurship

Empowering people to create a sustainable future


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A project course consist of a combination of one or more short courses and an optional number of project weeks and can last from 3 weeks to a year.


The short courses focus on a particular theme, which is systematically covered from many perspectives. The short courses are quite intensive and packed with information. The beginner usually experience them as a comprehensive introductory and the more experienced feel it’s a chance to dive deeper and immerse themselves in the subject.

Whether you are experienced or beginner, you may expect to use some time to integrate the results in your life. 


The aim of the project weeks is to integrate the knowledge you have gained during the short courses into your life & your projects. During the project weeks you and your group focus on developing one or more green projects with the guidance of a mentor. During the next short course, you dive deeper into another area, which you may then integrate in your project…

Some special project opportunities you have on Avnø are to be trained as a macrobiotic or vegan chef or a transformational coach.

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Learn more about project courses

More than Højskole

Together with a co-housing community, Health Sanctuary and other green socio-economic enterprises, Avnø højskole is part of the emerging Oasis ecovillage, which we hope will turn into one of the most inspiring green hot spots in the world.

As a student you may be involved in group decisions, daily chores, cultural activities and entrepreneurship. A process that challenges and stimulates your willpower and develops your ability to actively participate in any type of communities.


Together we create a movement

Our whole philosophy is green.

We don't only teach how to make a difference. We do it!

We are in line with the needs of the current time.  We passionately and compassionately empower people to identify the elements that need to change to turn the present global challenges into opportunities.

A transition from the industrial growth model into a life-sustaining model, where people replicate nature and natural cycles.

Adjustment and action are needed in all areas of life: Health, Self-worth, Relationships, Career, Climate, and Economy.

Become the leaders of today and tomorrow

A højskole (peoples college) for people who want to make a difference

  • Do you want a richer life and to find your unique way to make a positive difference?
  • Do you want to heal yourself and contribute to healing the planet?
  • Do you want to sustain yourself with what you love to do, and live an original life?
  • Do you want to be a change-maker – and work for a better world?

We will support you to become more grounded, increase your self-understanding and become more open to the world.

Together we will study the key dimensions of globalization, co-create climate solutions and social innovation projects.

 Avnø højskole is a good choice for you, if you enjoy being in an international environment with a special focus on health,  sustainability & entrepreneurship!

No green transition without transition in other areas – everything is interconnected.