Application to Crossing borders

If you want to join Crossing borders course at Avnø Højskole you need to fill out the application.

Application form

    Please, write a short motivation letter of about 300 words including 1) Your core interests, hobbies and hopes, 2) your educational background and level, 3) your special skills and work experience 4) Your expectations to the courses and what you expect to use the experience for after completing the course.

    About the Avnø Højskole.

    Avnø Højskole is a part and creation of Oasis Ecovillage project. 
    It is a multiculturally inspired college that actively contributes to the solution of today’s challenges by empowering students to take responsibility in relation to: their health, connection between body and psyche, ability to participate positively in modern sustainable communities, the green transition, including design and implementation of sustainable projects, eco-villages and businesses and their ability to change direction in life.

    About the origin and founder of Crossing Borders

    Crossing Borders global studies has developed out of Crossing Borders (CB) NGO. CB was founded in 1999 by Garba Diallo with the mission to create a space for dialogue and capacity building for the youth and to raise awareness among the teachers. Since its foundation, CB has educated some 17000 youth in more than 100 countries through five programs of School Services, International projects, Global Studies, Voluntarism and Food for Thought.