Avnø Højskole – Values


Avnø People’s College is a multiculturally inspired college that - with a strong awareness of our roots and identity - actively contributes to the solution of today's challenges by empowering students to take responsibility in relation to

– their health, including diet, lifestyle and insight into the connection between body and psyche.

– to be able to participate positively in modern sustainable communities, ie communication, conflict resolution, social tools,
extended democratic decision-making processes such as sociocracy, song, music, cultural activities, etc.

– the green transition, including design and implementation of sustainable projects, eco-villages and businesses,
including project management, fundraising, media, public relations, etc.

– their ability to change direction in life.


To increase competences essential to well being and human happiness in the new paradigm.

A world of regeneration!


A world, where everyone increases their quality of life, while ensuring optimal living conditions for future generations.

A world of regeneration!


People of all ages from all over the world come together to heal body, mind and soul and share & learn from each other.

Reconnecting with inner and outer nature, realizing core needs & true values and reshaping their lives with a balance between head, hands and heart. Constructively partaking in modern sustainable communities and contributing to the new paradigm.