Long courses

Health, Happiness and Green Living
12 weeks course

Skills to live a healthier, happier and greener life, build community and design permaculture projects. Both PDC (permaculture Design) & EDE (Ecovillage Design Education) certificate.

Medium courses

Aima coach
6 weeks course

Become an Aima coach and truly help a client to transform their deep rooted personal issues into creative energy.

PDC Permaculture Design Certificate
2 week course

A unique opportunity to learn about sustainable lifestyle and regenerative design.

Short courses

Cooking for
Health and Happiness

A unique combination of information, tools, hands-on cooking and meals. Learn how to make food work for YOU!


An inner journey of discovery, where you get in touch with your core and step by step is guided to discover the key to create the life you want.

Sociocracy, co-creation and facilitator training

Sociocracy brings the collective intelligence into play and creates healthy, empowering and productive collaboration.

Activate your Selfhealing Powers

An inspiring combination of information, tools, and coaching to find your personal path to health & vitality.

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