Aima Coach Training

Aima Coach Training

For leaders, teachers, educators, therapists, health professionals and others who truly want to help people to transform their deep rooted personal issues into creative energy.

6 weeks:
Module 1: April 5-10 or May 16-21
Module 2-5: May 30 – June 30, 2023
All weekends off

We can’t wait to welcome you!

What is Aima Coaching?

We live in a time, when the world we know cannot continue to exist. There is shorter and shorter time between worldwide crises. Many people find it difficult to live in this unpredictable world, which often leads to psychological problems, especially among the younger generation, who find it difficult to see a future.

In Aima Coaching sessions, clients are guided to experience their issue from a few very basic perspectives, which leads to an insight that they themselves create their experience and that they simply may stop creating it.

Aima Coaching is groundbreaking

  1. It is simple, effective and profound.
  2. It sets a new standard for both coaching and psychotherapy, because you often will be able to remove the root cause of deep rooted issues in just one session.
  3. It takes place on an entirely different level of consciousness, where the deepest aspect of personality comes into play, and may even be used to transform personality traits.
  4. It offers simple, but effective tools to handle stress, optimize everyday life and support the process of adjusting to changes in life.
  5. The methods are equally feasible for self coaching and for coaching others.

Just like only a tenth of an iceberg is above the water, the challenge a client wants to handle, usually is only a symptom of an underlying issue. Attempts to change the issue from the symptom level, often results in a long and arduous therapeutic process with many relapses and sometimes even make the client more stuck.

What sets Aima coaching apart is its core tool, the transformation procedure, that goes straight to the root cause of the issue.  When you remove the root, even deep rooted problems may be released within a single session and most often other issues are resolved at the same time. Clients either experience instant freedom from issues or leave with a clear path to follow. 


Aima coaching is for you who want to

  • Support people to engage in this unpredictable world
  • Work professionally with focus on the whole person and create profound results
  • Support people in being inside driven & make deliberate choices – also when they are not always popular
  • Transform your own life and support friends and family in their transition

Previous experience in coaching is not required, but may be integrated in Aima coaching. What is required is willingness and courage to face yourself on a deeper level.

Expected results

  • You are able to guide a client to the core of their largest issue and transform it into creative energy. It is fascinating to witness that a client just stops creating a life-long issue. 
  • You know the right tools to support the integration of large inner or outer changes in a clients life. 
  • Your ability to deal with resistance, be present and preserve your integrity, regardless of circumstances, increases dramatically.
  • You will have access to AIMA’s network of highly qualified coaches to co-create an ongoing development of the concept as well as of each other. 

What will you learn?

Module 1 – Coach yourself – Reconnection Gives Direction
1 evening + 5 days

You don’t have to be perfect to be able to operate professionally as a coach. However, it is wise to know your own blind spots, to have a basic knowledge of how the mind works, and to be able to handle what comes alive in you while you coach. During this module, you will focus on getting in touch with your own core and making your wishes and dreams come true! Your insight into the function of your mind will increase, and your ability to handle troublesome feelings and remove inappropriate mindsets will increase dramatically. You end up with a viable plan of action. This module can be carried out as a personal development course independently of the rest of the training.

Module 2 – Methodology, roles, interaction, developing presence and ethics
7-8 days

Starting with module 2 the training runs in two parallel tracks.

One is developing your ability to be present, create authentic relationships, park your own issues and maintain your integrity (no matter what your client brings up). This ability increases dramatically throughout the Coach training and is essential, not only to create a good rapport with your client, but also because the coach’s personal limitations often limit the client’s possibility for development.

In module 2, your human resources and competences will be strengthened in the following areas:

  • Your capacity for empathy, authentic communication, maintaining direction and interaction
  • Your ability to be present, refrain from taking things personally, select your role and maintain your integrity no matter the circumstances.
  • Your ability to read body language and listen for the intention behind the words. 
  • Your understanding of what opens and closes a communication
  • Your insight into the dynamics of how relationships and identity is formed
  • Your ability to handle resistance, stress and conflict while staying focused on the whole, the process and the desired result.
  • Your ability to be solution-oriented, while you embrace the persons and issues you face.
  • Your skills to identify, manage and communicate inconvenient truths.
  • Your ability to find the balance between taking care of others and taking care of Self.
  • Your understanding of how conflicts evolve and how they may be avoided.

The other is mastering the use of several tools. Your technical toolbox will be filled with basic tools to deal with stress, remove thought myriads, handle troublesome feelings, clarify vision & values, make your dreams become your reality, create a viable action plan, create authentic relationships,  as well as to direct focus and create harmony between body language and message content. 


Module 3: Wisdom, identity and transformation procedure
5-6 days

This module brings the deepest aspect of the personality into play in your coaching. Focus is on identity and transformation. You get a deeper understanding of how identity is created and the principles behind the Transformation procedure. This procedure allows a client to experience their challenge from several fundamental perspectives, until they connect with the aspect of consciousness, from which they freely can choose to keep the issue or let it go.  You and your fellow students will coach each other to transform issues, such as low self-esteem, shortage, stress, ambiguity, doubt, negative emotions, relationships and illness. A fantastic inner journey to guide and witness! The tools from the previous module will be used as supportive tools in the sessions you perform.


Module 4: Insight into human nature
5-6 days

The practical training in coaching continues and increases your ability to coach fluently and ask relevant questions from a broader and deeper perspective. The theoretical part of this module provides a broad background knowledge, which gives you a basic acceptance and understanding of human processes. The focus is on ethics, connection between body and mind, and physical and mental processes, including body language. In addition, the module clarifies when you should refer to other qualified treatment.


Module 5: Ready to start your master coach career
5 days

The overall theme for the module is becoming ready to start your coaching career. The module starts with a short written exam to ensure that you have understood the basic principles, before you take the practical training to the next level, which is coaching people, who are not familiar with AIMA coaching. It is a practical ‘exam’, done in a protected environment with access to help to prepare you to safely coach clients on your own. You will coach your fellow students and be coached on your personal career, so that you after this module will have a clear direction in regards to your career, where both you and your future clients may feel safe, when you – during the mentoring and supervision process – start to coach clients on your own.


Module 6 – optional: Mentor and supervision process for Aima coaches
Approximately 80 hours/2 weeks on phone in your own pace

This is an optional module which is done at an individual pace via telephone or online meetings with your mentor. It is for you who want support to get your career started and want to become a certified Aima-Coach. During the mentoring and supervision program, you have to find and guide around 20 clients to the desired outcome. You are welcome to charge for your services, so you can earn an income while you do the program. After each session the program provides supervision based on evaluation forms from you and your client. Dedicate approximately 80 hours or two weeks, as each session can take up to 4 hours with both preparation, session with client and supervising session. If you are employed, the mentor process may be customized to your company’s specific situation and objectives. The mentoring and supervision program is optional and price-set so that you may earn your investment back, while doing the program.

How much does it cost?

Single room

Euro 3.900 / for the full training
Room and board are included

2 person room

Euro 3.500 / for the full training
Room and board are included

We also ask for a deposit of 300 euros. The deposit will be returned, when you leave , providing the room is left neat and clean, all keys returned and all payments due to Avnø højskole are paid (snacks, car, payments for materials , excursions etc).

Please don’t sign up for Module 6 before you have completed module 1-5.

The costs for Module 6 : 10.000 DKK ≈1350 Euro. 

If you sign up for a double room, you will share it with another participant. All rooms have a seating area, closets, heating, and private bathrooms. In the hallway you will find a shared kitchenette with a refrigerator and tea kettle.  

Full satisfaction or money back guarantee on Tuition part (incl remaining room and board. Room and board that is consumed cannot be paid back :-))

Life in the community

During the term, you will have the chance to share your culture at cultural evenings, cultural cafés and theme weeks and to play different sports. And fully relax in our peaceful location in the middle of a nature reserve!

What else?

Structure of the day

The days are intensive. Teaching will be from 9-11 am. Lunch around 12:30. Teaching again from 1:30-6 pm with a short break.

Evenings & weekends: Optional activities primarily organised by students/volunteers/residents.

All students help with cooking, cleaning, dishwashing etc 1-2 hours per day.


Proof of completion

Proof of participation may be issued to those, who have done module 1-5 and prefer to not complete module 6 – the mentoring and supervision program.


Requirements to become a certified Aima coach

  • Min. 96% participation in module 1-5
  • Written and oral examination passed
  • Successfully completed mentoring and supervision program (module 6)


Other things that may be important to you

  • All certified Aima coaches are welcome to participate in Aima’s network of highly qualified coaches and team & project managers, with the aim of continuous development of the concept as well as ourselves.
  • The programs are organized and priced in such a way, that already during the mentoring and supervision program, you may get a return on your investment.