Become a Health and Happiness Coach

Become an Avno Holistic Health Coach

A certification program for people who want to assist people in regaining their energy and health (at a physical, emotional and spiritual levels) as well as their ability to deal with the changes happening in the world in an optimal way.

2 x 6 weeks:
April 5 – June 27, 2024
5 days a week

Would you like to be able to...

  • Empower people to activate their self-healing powers and become their best version 
  • Support people to engage in this unpredictable world
  • Enable people to transform deep-rooted personal issues into creative energy
  • Work professionally with focus on the whole person and create profound results
  • Support people in being inside-driven and make deliberate choices – also when they are not always popular
  • Transform your own life and support friends and family in their transition
  • Increase your own ability to be present in a greater way

Previous experience in counselling, therapy, coaching or any health course is not required.

Willingness and courage to face yourself and your client on a deeper level is required (and will be developed during the training).

Why this certification program is important

The world we know cannot continue to exist for much longer. There are shorter and shorter time lapses between worldwide crises. Many people find it difficult to live in this unpredictable world, which often leads to stress, helplessness or psychological problems. Lifestyle diseases are increasing in number and cause people to live a miserable life or die prematurely without fulfilling their life purpose. 

How can only 12 weeks be so powerful

Epigenetics shows us that cloned stem cells may develop into muscle, bone, or fat cells all depending on which nutrition they get. It’s not their DNA that decides which type of cell they become. Similarly the quality of every cell in our body, once they are developed, will depend on the available nutrition.

Our blood supplies our cells with nutrition. Our blood quality is in turn determined by…

  • The amount and quality of our food & liquid 
  • The amount and quality of air we breathe in
  • The amount and quality of our sensory perceptions (and the way we react to them), which directly affect which hormones are present in our blood
  • The amount and quality of vibrations in our surroundings

And what we give out

  • The amount and quality of the waste we discharge from our body
  • The amount and quality of air we breathe out
  • The amount and quality of our physical, mental and emotional activity
  • The size and quality of the energy field we radiate from within

During the training you will learn how to empower your patients/clients to have extraordinary results by combining these complementary components.

What you will learn

The training consists of these basic elements: 

  • Body work and Eastern Medicine knowledge, to treat your patient/client physically including Wado-atsu Massage, Do-In (self-massage), Moxibustion (acupuncture with heat), Breathwork & Liberating Movements. Biodanza.
  • Macrobiotic principles for diet and lifestyle, which you may use to guide your patient/client to give their body proper nutrition. The body replaces 300 billion cells a day. It has an amazing capacity to heal, if we allow it to. 
  • Aima coaching, which is a new generation of dynamic, systematic and in-depth tools, AIMA, which can remove subconscious programming, e.g. negative self-images, bad habits and old patterns, as well as develop your ability for an inner and heart-directed life and leadership, so you can live your full potential, gain greater impact and activate your self-healing powers.
  • Meditation techniques for peace and calm and attain a realised self
  • Methodology, roles, interaction, developing presence and ethics 
Methodology, roles, interaction, developing presence and ethics

It is important to develop your ability to be present, create authentic relationships, park your own issues and maintain your integrity (no matter what your client brings up). This ability increases dramatically throughout the training and is essential, not only to create a good rapport with your client, but also because a coach’s/therapists personal limitations often limits the client’s possibility for development.

Besides gaining a broad background knowledge, which gives you a basic acceptance and understanding of human processes and the connection between body and mind and a clear understanding of when to refer to other qualified treatment, your human resources and competences will be strengthened in the following areas:

  • Your capacity for empathy, authentic communication, maintaining direction and interaction
  • Your ability to be present, refrain from taking things personally, select your role and maintain your integrity no matter the circumstances.
  • Your ability to read body language and listen for the intention behind the words. 
  • Your understanding of what opens and closes a communication
  • Your insight into the dynamics of how relationships and identity is formed
  • Your ability to handle resistance, stress and conflict while staying focused on the whole, the process and the desired result.
  • Your ability to be solution-oriented, while you embrace the persons and issues you face.
  • Your skills to identify, manage and communicate inconvenient truths.
  • Your ability to find the balance between taking care of others and taking care of Self.
  • Your understanding of how conflicts evolve and how they may be avoided.
Aima Coaching is groundbreaking
  1. It is simple, effective and profound.
  2. It sets a new standard for both coaching and psychotherapy, because you often will be able to remove the root cause of deep rooted issues in just one session.
  3. It takes place on an entirely different level of consciousness, where the deepest aspect of personality comes into play, and may even be used to transform personality traits.
  4. It offers simple, but effective tools to handle stress, optimize everyday life and support the process of adjusting to changes in life.
  5. The methods are equally feasible for self coaching and for coaching others.

Just like only a tenth of an iceberg is above the water, the challenge a client wants to handle, usually is only a symptom of an underlying issue. Attempts to change the issue from the symptom level, often results in a long and arduous therapeutic process with many relapses and sometimes even make the client more stuck. 

What sets Aima coaching apart is its core tool, the transformation procedure, that goes straight to the root cause of the issue.  When you remove the root, even deep rooted problems may be released within a single session and most often other issues are resolved at the same time. You and your fellow students will coach each other to transform issues, such as low self-esteem, stress, ambiguity, doubt, negative emotions, relationships and illness. A fantastic inner journey to guide and witness! The result of the procedure is either instant freedom from an issue or a clear path to follow. 

Besides this your toolbox will be filled with basic tools to deal with stress, remove thought myriads, handle troublesome feelings, clarify vision & values, make your dreams become your reality, create a viable action plan, create authentic relationships,  as well as to direct focus and create harmony between body language and message content.

Macrobiotic principles for diet and lifestyle are safe
  1. They have been tested over thousands of years as they are similar to traditional diets around the globe: unrefined, organic grains, beans, seeds and vegetables supplemented by smaller amounts of fruit, nuts and animal foods. These foods are recognized as foods by the body, which isn’t the case with many modern food products, which cause our bodies to react with inflammation. 
  2. Macrobiotics gives your body proper nutrition. 
  3. The focus is on whole foods and local foods, so it also supports the green transition.
  4. Various methods of preparation are used to create an optimal balance adjusted to activity, condition and situation
  5. Food for the microbiome has always been an important part of the macrobiotic approach. It is now on its way to become mainstream. 

What sets the macrobiotic principles for food and lifestyle apart is the energetic approach to life, which is a holistic approach. They often challenge people in the modern civilisation, since we’ve removed ourselves so far from our original nature. However, once they are understood, they provide us with a tool to make our own decisions regarding food and lifestyle. 

Breathwork is just powerful... and essential!
  1. It supplies our brain and blood with oxygen.
  2. It gives energy and connects body, mind and emotions.
  3. It alkalizes our blood.
  4. It reduces physical and emotional pain.
Therapeutic Bodywork and Eastern Medicine
  1. Wado-atsu is a type of massage based on the meridians and the acupuncture/moxibustion point system in the body as informed by Eastern Traditional Health knowledge. 
  2. Do-in is a combination of self-massage and meridian stretching that will increase the energy flow and flexibility of the body. 
  3. Biodanza, also called the Dance of Life, is a system of self-development that uses movement, music and group dynamics to foster positive feelings and deepen self-awareness. Sessions are structured in a progressive way to guarantee a therapeutic effect. No dance experience is needed, there are no steps or routines to learn and no fitness requirements as the emphasis is always on self- regulation and self-expression.
  4. Liberating Movements massages our inner organs, connects body, mind and emotions, stimulates breathing, keeps the spine healthy & flexible. 
Your career as a Holistic Health Coach

During the entire period you will deepen your ability to communicate the principles to your fellow students, increase your ability to be present no matter what the circumstances are and train your skills by coaching your fellow students and by being coached by them.

You will have the possibility to deal with what stands in the way of creating a succesful personal career, when you are being coached, so that you will end with a clear direction in regards to your career, where both you and your future clients may feel safe, when you – during the mentoring and supervision program – start to coach clients on your own.

Facilitators of the course

Kristiane Ravn Frost, Denmark

Kristiane was raised on a farm, and studied Mathematical-Economics at Århus University, when her body fell apart due to stress at the age of 21. Stress wasn’t understood very well 40 years ago, so she didn’t get any help until she learned that she could get her body-systems back in balance with food, lifestyle and meditation.

This was such an enlightening experience that it changed the course of her life. She left her studies before her masters degree to study food and lifestyle at the Kushi Institute of London.

After she completed her education as a macrobiotic teacher and counselor in 1982 and began counseling and teaching, she quickly realized, that it took more than a miraculous healing for people to be motivated for a healthy lifestyle. In 2001 she developed a new generation of dynamic, systematic and in-depth tools (AIMA) for personal transformation to support people in changing negative habits and mindset. The AIMA concept is based on her deep spiritual experiences and search of tools to recommend her students. They are capable of removing subliminal programming, such as negative self images and old patterns. Once they are gone, a person naturally returns to their innate positive and proactive mindset.

Everybody who has been introduced to the AIMA concept has been impressed, no matter if they have a masters degree in psychology or have been engaged in more alternative disciplines for personal and spiritual development.

Kristiane has primarily been teaching in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and USA. She has managed to make a living from what she loves to do, namely teaching diet, lifestyle and personal development.

Since 2017 she has studied, sociocracy, Ecovillage Design, Permaculture Design and actively in the eco-village movement in Denmark and Europe. She is the

She is a co-founder of Avnø Oasis Ecovillage as well as of Vitalitetsfonden, the foundation, who at the moment owns the property of the project.

Inner transition, Aima coach program, health, food, lifestyle, sociocracy, gardening, Gaia Education trainer, facilitator for Health, Happiness and Green Living

Alicia Noemi Carreiro Kon, Argentina/Portugal

Alicia Noemi Carreiro Kon has more than 30 years experience in the Natural Health area: she is a Macrobiotics counsellor, a qualified massage therapist (Wadô-atsu) and holistic practitioner including Moxibustion, Kinesiotaping, Movements for Healthy Adults and Kids, Breathing and Meditation techniques, Biodanza… She likes to keep her work fresh and up to date with further courses, experiences and independent research.

“I have a passion for natural health and well-being, with a particular interest in the relationship between mind, body and spirit. I strongly believe that each person is unique and therefore so is every session. My intuition and natural sensitivity allow for the treatments to be adapted to the individual’s needs. Sessions (in person or online) promote the body’s self-cure at many levels: physical and emotional healing are the outcome as well as restoring energy levels and stimulating circulation. Depending on the nature of the problem, you may need a course of sessions to be able to see long-term effective changes. It is worth it, you deserve it!”

Eastern Medicine, Macrobiotics, Movement Therapy, Breath Work, Meditation, Biodanza

Expected results

  • You are able to guide a client to the core of their largest issue (be it emotional or physical) and facilitate them to transform it into creative energy. It is fascinating to witness a client when they just stop creating dis-ease/a life-long issue. 
  • You know the right tools to support the integration of large inner or outer changes in a client’s life. 
  • Your ability to deal with resistance, be present and preserve your integrity, regardless of circumstances, increases dramatically.
  • You will be able to support your clients in making wise and not too restrictive lifestyle choices based on the macrobiotic principles
  • You will be able to give a body treatment & guide exercises to support the body in activating its self-healing powers. 


Aima Coach/therapist

At the end of the 12 weeks, there will be an evaluation to ensure that you have understood the basic principles as well as a practical experience of coaching people back to health to prepare you to safely coach clients on your own. This coaching practice is done in a protected supervised environment with access to help to ensure that the client will have a good experience, no matter what. 

To get your certificate as an AIMA COACH you need to go through the optional mentor and supervision program for AIMA COACHES. During the program you will find and guide around 20 clients to the desired outcome and participate in weekly mentoring meetings, where you evaluate your own and other students sessions. The weekly mentor meetings will continue for 20 weeks, and you may take as long as you want. You may sign up for the program once you have completed the 12 weeks training.


Health Catalyst/Activator

At the end of the 12 weeks there will be a written evaluation to ensure that you have understood the basic principles of using diet, lifestyle, breath work, body work and physical activities to activate the body’s self-healing powers. You will in a very practical way demonstrate your skills and ability to communicate these principles to people who don’t know them. This is done in a protected environment with access to help, so that the clients will have a positive experience and get the support they came for.  

To get your final certificate as a HEALTH ACTIVATOR you need to follow the optional mentor and supervision process for HEALTH ACTIVATORS. This program is for you if you want to start your career as a certified HEALTH ACTIVATOR. During the program you will find and guide around 20 clients to the desired outcome and participate in weekly mentoring meetings, where you evaluate your own and other students sessions. The weekly mentor meetings will continue for 20 weeks, and you may take as long as you want. You may sign up for the program once you have completed the 12 weeks training.

Avnø Holistic Health Coach

This certificate is automatically given if you have the 2 above mentioned certificates. 

How much does the course cost?

Single room

Euro 3.900 / 12 weeks
Room and board are included

twin room

Euro 3.000 / 12 weeks
Room and board are included

Are you in a fragile situation

Tell us what you can pay / 12 weeks
Room and board are included

Additional fees may apply for excursions and certain materials in some elective subjects/activities/projects.

Transport to and from the station, private use of cars, snacks purchased in the shop etc. are private cost, which you are responsible for.

Registration fee/deposit: 300 Euro has to be paid to secure your place as soon as you are accepted. It will be paid back when the course is over, your keys are returned, your obligations are fulfilled, and you have left your room in a clean and nice condition for the next person.

The cost for participating in each mentor and supervision program is 750 Euro.

All rooms have a seating area, closets, and private bathrooms. 

Life in the community

During the course, you will have the chance to share your culture at cultural evenings, cultural cafés and theme weeks and to play different sports. And fully relax in our peaceful location in the middle of a nature reserve!

What else?

Structure of the day & week

The days are intensive. Sessions are from 9-11 am, from 1:30-5pm with a short break. Evenings and free days: Optional activities primarily organised by students/volunteers/residents. All students help with cooking, cleaning, dishwashing etc 1-2 hours per day. Usually Thursdays and Fridays are free days.

Proof of completion

Proof of participation may be issued to those, who prefer to not complete the mentoring and supervision program.

Requirements to become certified

  • Min. 90% participation
  • Written examination passed
  • Practical demonstration of skills 
  • Successfully completed mentoring and supervision program