The food at Avnø højskole

For us food is a high priority. The bulk of the food consists of organic whole grains, beans, seeds & local vegetables, complemented with smaller amounts of fruits, nuts, seaweeds and animal foods, all prepared using macrobiotic principles. Besides tasting and looking delicious this kind of food is known to activate your body’s self healing powers, reconnect you with your inner core and open up your senses to the world around you.


Preparing a macrobiotic meal is a process of conscious creation, which begins with focusing on the people, who is going to eat the meal.

The chef uses his/her senses, knowledge and intuition to answer questions like:

  • What kind of condition are the people eating the foods in?
  • What kind of condition do they need to be in to live their dream?
  • What kind of atmosphere is needed to make today’s activities work well?
  • What kind of foods are available and in season?
  • Which time of the year is it?
  • How can the available foods be modified through preparation to produce the energy quality the chef is aiming to create?

Macrobiotic food reconnects us with our inner core and true values, as well as with our history and the history of mankind. 


Why macrobiotic food?

The usual western diet is an extreme diet high in saturated fats, animal products, refined foods and stimulants such as chocolate, strong spices, sugar, coffee, and alcohol, which energetically speaking removes us from our core.

Although a vegan/vegetarian diet removes the animal products and much of the saturated fats, it often keeps the other extremes, which results in an idealistic approach to life, rather than an inside driven approach.

A macrobiotic diet aims to recreate balance by serving a more centered – and simple – diet, consisting mainly of whole grains, vegetables, seaweed, beans, seeds, berries, nuts, herbs and fruits supplemented with a small amount of animal and refined foods. Such a diet has been the foundation of mankind for centuries before the industrial revolution, which made refined foods a part of our daily diet.

Some people experience the change in diet as challenging, as it sometimes brings them in contact with issues and emotions that hasn’t been dealt with. Other people experience it as a solution to issues that they sometimes have gotten so used to that they’ve forgotten it could be any different.


We use organic unrefined ingredients, and always prefer local food productions. We already have a small herbal garden and greenhouse with microgreens.


Microgreens add fresh greens to almost every meal. They reduce food cravings and provides us with selveral minerals and anti-oxidants.

Homemade bread

Freshly ground flour make gives us the best quality and best tasting bread. Sourdough makes sure it is digestable. Vegetables and seeds in the bread helps to  stabilize blood sugar.

Growing our garden

Already within the first weeks here we moved our herbal garden here, so we could use our own herbs in our cooking. This spring we will start a garden with several of the foods we love to eat.