Health and Happiness through Reconnection

A life-changing experience, which reconnects you with you, your dream and the world around you.

We can’t wait to welcome you to join the 12 week Health and Happiness through Reconnection Studies at Avnø People’s College
February 17 to May 11, 2021


In a learning environment, where all participants are encouraged to grow and learn from one another, we provide people of all ages with so much more than absence of disease. True Health is characterized by connection to your dream, connection between body and mind, between you and the world around you as well as with the forces of the universe.

Kristiane Ravn Frost

Founding Director of Aima Instituttet and a founding member of the Oasis Ecovillage project, which Avnø højskole is a part of.

Here is why you need to experience Health and Happiness through Reconnection at this special school in this special period of your life.

  • It is a unique opportunity to increase your level of energy and optimize your health.
  • Health and Happiness is designed to be both a life-changing experience and to give you skills to assist others in changing their lives.
  • As you move through the course, you’ll discover what works for you and become free of all the doctrines that is out there regarding health and happiness. Do this – do that…
  • The course takes place in a global learning space with an inspiring environment among people, who seek a higher quality of life for themselves and the world.
  • There is no better place than Avnø to experience Nature and reconnect with your own inner nature.
  • It is always special to be part of the first group of students in the first People’s College in Denmark, which has regeneration on all levels of life as its DNA.

What issues are you going to learn about?

Below are the course modules or themes which Health and Happiness will focus on. In addition to the main course, there will be many exciting subjects you can participate in.

1. Stress. What is it? How does it affect your life/mind/body and mindset? How do you get out of it? Reconnecting mind & body. Going from outside – inside driven.

2. Self reflection, Mindfulness. Reconnecting with Self and nature.

3. Finding meaning. Reconnecting with your dream & being able to redirect your focus to make it come true

4. Dealing with difficult emotions. Strengthen your self worth – increase your ability to love yourself.

5. Transforming obstacles into opportunities.

6. Activate your self healing powers through creating healthy & authentic relationships – Strengthen your ability to relate to others and being a proactive team member. Getting to understand relationship patterns. Exercises on responsibility, criticism etc.

7. Communication. Peace and Conflict transformation. Facilitating others. Sociocratic introduction & facilitation

8. Invitation to the next 6 weeks: Share the gift – Learn to guide others to transform their life and health

9. Social entrepreneurship project management.

Additional elective subjects

Gives the awareness, innovative knowledge, skills and tools for turning the environmental and climate challenges into practical solutions for sustainable job creation and healthy living in harmony with rather than on the nature.

Special focus on providing basic knowledge and practical policies for social justice, gender and generational equality and participatory democracy from below. 

Aimed at refusing to buy unnecessary things, reusing what is we already have, upcycling, repairing and regenerating by applying the concepts of do it yourself (DIY). 

Gives you the knowledge about kitchen, forests and permaculture gardening through learning by doing.  

You will learn and practice effective communication, presentation, debate and public speaking about current social and global issues of our time. 

How are you going to study these complex topics?

We address the above complex issues from many different perspectives, including presentations, dialogue, student inputs, knowledge sharing, and exchange of experiences. However the main focus will be on experiential learning through practical experiences and exercises to gain perspective on your situation. We will:

1. mix solid expert introductory inputs with active student participation leading to concrete results, e.g. improvement of personal health, energy level and quality of life

2.  work individually in your own pace and with respect for privacy with exercises designed to reveal your underlying programming, evaluate it and change it.

 3.  work in pairs to strengthen the ability to deliver a message, so that word and body language tells the same as well as the ability to pick up what’s not said. 

4. ensure mutually complementary learning and action modules.

5. teach in Danish with English translation by multicultural expert teachers (we expect foreign participants).


During the term, you will have the chance to prepare and share your culture at cultural evenings, cultural cafés and theme weeks. On those occasion, the local community will be invited.

Results and outcome you take back home

  • You’ll be better at concentrating on what’s really important to you

  • You’ll know exactly what you are passionate about and which steps is required to turn it into a livelihood.

  • You’ll be more aware about what’s really important to you and be able to take charge over your life on a whole different level

  • You’ll have an expansive network of friends and colleagues from different corners of the world.

  • You’ll be better at expressing your self and better at listening

  • You’ll be more able to deal with strong (negative or positive) emotions in your self and others in a healthier and more mature way.

  • You’ll feel a deeper connection to Self and Nature and be more aware about how everything is interconnected, e.g. how your mindset affects your body, your choice of food, partner and circumstances and life etc and vice versa.

  • Your ability to create authentic relationships with others, stand up for your self and express yourself will be greatly improved.

  • You’ll have the option to be trained to assist others to transform obstacles in their lives.

About the origin and founder of Health and Happiness through Reconnection

The Health and Happiness studies is developed by Kristiane Ravn Frost to make her comprehensive approach available for everybody at an affordable pricing.

Her own story is that her body fell apart due to stress at the age of 21. She couldn’t get a diagnosis from her medical doctor (stress wasn’t really invented those days). After 1, 5 years in agony, she learned that she could get her body-systems back in balance with food, lifestyle and meditation.

This was such an enlightening experience that she changed the course of her life and left the study of Mathematical-Economics at Århus University shortly before her masters degree to study food and lifestyle at the Kushi Institute of London.

When she began counseling and teaching in 1982, she quickly realized, that it took more than a miraculous healing for people to be motivated to hold onto a healthy lifestyle. To support people in changing negative habits and mindset, she developed a new generation of dynamic, systematic and in-depth tools in 2001. The AIMA, methods is based on her deep spiritual experiences and capable of removing subliminal programming, such as negative self images and old patterns. Once they are gone a person naturally returns to their innate positive and proactive mindset.

Kristiane has mostly been teaching in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and USA.

Please fill out the application if you want to join the Health and Happiness through Reconnection course.

    Please, write a short motivation letter of about 300 words including 1) Your core interests, hobbies and hopes, 2) your educational background and level, 3) your special skills and work experience 4) Your expectations to the courses and what you expect to use the experience for after completing the course.