Health Sanctuary

A place to rest and regenerate your body and mind.

Start your visit any Sunday of your choice and leave any Saturday of your choice

We can’t wait to welcome you to our

Health Sanctuary


There is no better way to kickstart a healthy lifestyle than our Health Sanctuary! In the midst of the most amazing nature, we provide a supportive environment with corresponding values. The perfect place to recharge body, mind and spirit & regain hope/inspiration/energy.

Our Health Sanctuary is an opportunity for you to experience living in a health conscious community. Being a guest here naturally activates your body’s self healing powers, build healthy cells, create peace and clarity of mind and provide you with a good stable energy and connection to your true values.

You may come with any purpose ranging from getting a short health vacation, a short break from the intensity of everyday life, getting away from the loneliness of Corona isolation, obtaining a healthy weight, improving your general health, finding a way to deal with lifestyle diseases or a diagnosis you just got or the wish to spend time in an environment supporting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


As a guest in our Health Sanctuary you will enjoy a simple combination of physical activity, healthy food, rest, fresh air, contact with nature, treatments, inspirational talks, partaking in kreative activities and personal coaching adjusted to your personal needs and ressources.

You design your visit together with your personal coach based on the purpose of your stay, your personal needs and ressources, how long time you stay, and what else is going on, while you are here. It is really up to you to use the opportunities we provide in the best possible way, whether it is participation in open activities, treatments or just to spend time with your self in nature or any other way that nourishes you.

You may use your stay as an opportunity to

  • Avoid burnout or recover faster from it.
  • Create new healthy habits.
  • Reflect on how to deal with a (potential) change in life.
  • Become empowered to make the necessary changes in your own life.

You may choose to partake in practical chores or spoil yourself and be without obligations, so that you are free to follow your heart and listen to your own needs moment by moment, rest and/or recreate your life in whichever way that makes sense to you.

Our approach to health

Our body has an enormous capacity to heal. Around 300 billion cells are replaced every day. With proper nutrition, balance between activity and rest, and a supportive environment, there is no reason, why they shouldn’t become healthier than the ones, they replace.

Since we live in a material world, we sometimes forget that contrary to a machine, our body doesn’t get worn out by being used. Actually quite the opposite. When we are physically active, we tell the brain, that the body is needed, which make the brain do what it can to keep our body in a good shape. A strong passion/purpose of life has the same effect. When we live a sedentary life or lose meaning, the brain doesn’t receive this message and ceases to maintain the body in a healthy condition.

Emotions has a powerful effect on our body’s ability to repair. When we are living from a place of love and trust, healing hormones (signals) are circulated in the body. When we are living from a state of fear, hormones activating fight, flight or freeze mode as well as inflammation is circulated in the body. All blood is rushed to the extremities, so food can’t be digested, which means that good quality nutrition and exercise has little or no effect. To regain health this vicious circle must be broken.

A Typical Day

Daily activities includes morning/afternoon exercises (yoga/chi-gong/fitness/sports/liberating movements), morning meditation and morning assembly.

  • Morning meditation/exercises
  • Breakfast
  • Walk in Nature/coaching/rest/physical activity/private time/participation in courses/cooking or other practical chores.
  • Lunch
  • Walk in Nature/coaching/rest/physical activity/private time/participation in courses/cooking or other practical chores.
  • Dinner
  • private time/participation in courses/social time/cultural events
Prices and Options
Some words from Michael a few days after returning home

Visiting Oasis-Avnø was amazing. There are these short milestone in life where things just change for the better. Frankly I had not the greatest expectation, I arrived on a friend’s recommendation. Meeting Kristiane was the start. She invited me into the Kitchen, a favorite place of mine. Here we cooked, chatted and laughed, she explained, shared her knowledge and was completely open to ideas etc. In the morning after the second night, I realized, that for the first time in a year, I hadn’t needed to consume any water during the night. My Blood Sugar had to be down! During lunch the last day, I talked with Kristiane about it, she explained about what sugar does, the craving it create and the unwholesome effects it has. Having Diabetes, I had just talked with my doctor about how to maintain a normal blood sugar level the same morning, as I arrived. What Kristiane said made sense! I dropped coffee. I’m already in a better mental space, I’m waking up, fresh like never before! My days goes with different activities, I have lost an over-stressed state of physical and mental stress. I feel energetic like 15 years ago. It’s a decision, sugar is a final good bye. Coffee also. Just last week I started with 3 pots, was on a constant high to compensate for bad sleep. Dropping coffee, have energized me! Each morning I welcome myself back to a life worth living.