Avnø Højskole


We are situated at Avnø, next to the sea, beach meadows, woods and fields with a lot of wildlife. Our next door neighbour is Avnø Naturcenter and the whole area is protected. A phenomenal environment to practice sustainable living.

An integrated part of the Oasis Ecovillage project

The regenerative enterprises and the co-housing community that is being established will become an integral part of the school as most of the residents work at the school and / or in the regenerative enterprises. As a student, you are encouraged to participate in our community and develop practical skills by getting involved in design / start-up / operation of one or more regenerative enterprise.

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Land and buildings

Cities of the future must exist in symbiosis with Nature, and never conquer it. The presence of city-style buildings allows us to show how – using permacultural design and rewilding – our habitual environments may be transformed into nice and productive eco-friendly systems.

Green Oasis

A place to immerse in Nature and feel it. An island of awareness for mind, body, and soul. A place, where the connections between Self and Nature may be restored. A place for reflection, renewal, and starting over.


The presence of different ecosystems (like forest, sea, swamp, meadow) provides the chance to teach biodiversity and natural patterns. We can perform different observations for a deeper understanding of relations between various types of organisms (microbes, fungus, birds, animals, insects, plants, ocean life…) and the circulation of nutrients. 

What if all the remaining nature were made into a protected zone? How would we survive? How would we change our approach if biodiversity & balance became our first priority? Humanity’s path to harmony with our Planet runs through places like Avnø.


There are a total of 73 rooms with private bathrooms. Some of them are used by the staff and volunteers, which forms an intentional community. Some are for students to stay in. There are rooms with views and rooms without. Single rooms, double rooms, and triple rooms for those, who’d rather have a cheap form of accommodation than comfort.