The Team


What unites us is the vision and mission of the Avnø Oasis Ecovillage Project and the willingness to develop the site and the project together. Some team members live at Avnø. Some are external. We still have room for more team members.

Kristiane Ravn Frost, Denmark

Kristiane was raised on a farm, and studied Mathematical-Economics at Århus University, when her body fell apart due to stress at the age of 21. Stress wasn’t understood very well 40 years ago, so she didn’t get any help until she learned that she could get her body-systems back in balance with food, lifestyle and meditation.

This was such an enlightening experience that it changed the course of her life. She left her studies before her masters degree to study food and lifestyle at the Kushi Institute of London.

After she completed her education as a macrobiotic teacher and counselor in 1982 and began counseling and teaching, she quickly realized, that it took more than a miraculous healing for people to be motivated for a healthy lifestyle. In 2001 she developed a new generation of dynamic, systematic and in-depth tools (AIMA) for personal transformation to support people in changing negative habits and mindset. The AIMA concept is based on her deep spiritual experiences and search of tools to recommend her students. They are capable of removing subliminal programming, such as negative self images and old patterns. Once they are gone, a person naturally returns to their innate positive and proactive mindset.

Everybody who has been introduced to the AIMA concept has been impressed, no matter if they have a masters degree in psychology or have been engaged in more alternative disciplines for personal and spiritual development.

Kristiane has primarily been teaching in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and USA. She has managed to make a living from what she loves to do, namely teaching diet, lifestyle and personal development.

Since 2017 she has studied, sociocracy, Ecovillage Design, Permaculture Design and actively in the eco-village movement in Denmark and Europe. She is the

She is a co-founder of Avnø Oasis Ecovillage as well as of Vitalitetsfonden, the foundation, who at the moment owns the property of the project.

Founder & Principal
Inner transition, personal development, health, food, lifestyle, sociocracy, gardening

Lene Ezzaaf, Denmark

Personligt: Positiv, fleksibel, ansvarsbevidst og handlekraftig, med overblik og flair for det socialfaglige og undervisning. Jeg god til, hurtigt at skabe overblik, sætte mig ind i ny faglig viden, og fungere i omskiftelige rammer.

Erhvervserfaring:   1979-1996 :

                               Vikar på skoler, i børnehaver og fritidshjem

                               Omsorgsmedhjælper, Behandlingscenteret Næstved

                               Klubmedarbejder / leder i U.K. Hytten Fladså Kommune

                               1999- 2019:

                               Socialkonsulent / Leder af AM- projekt i Fakse Kommune (6 år)

                               Børnesagsbehandler i Møn (nu Vordingborg) Kommune (4 år)

                               Socialkonsulent, Socialkonsulenterne Aps. I Maribo, udlånt som:

        -Arbejdsmarkedskonsulent i Jobcenter (Match 4-5)

        -Visitator i Social og Handicap i Guldborgsund Komm. (3 år)

                              Handicapsagsbehandler i Ungeenheden, Ringsted Komm. 6.5.2011-

                              Visitator Psykiatri- og handicap, Vordingborg Kommune 3 år

                              Socialkonsulent, Jobafklaring, Næstved Kommune ca. 3 år

Kurser/videreuddannelse: Mange forskellige undervejs, bla. Arbejdsevnemetoden. Grundkursus i PAS-test (pædagogisk analysesystem). Anbringelsesreformen. KMD barn og voksen. Børnesamtalen. Funktionsevnemetoden. Derudover diverse indenfor psykologi, psykiatri (ADHD) og socialmedicin (hjerneskade). Samt indenfor sagsbehandling/jura, empowerment og IT.               

Videregående Uddannelse: Socialrådgiver fra Den Sociale Højskole 1999

Anden uddannelse: Praktikvejlederuddannelsen (socialrådgiver)

                                    Stort erhvervskørekort    

Grunduddannelse: HF1976 og  HH1992

                                   Folkeskole: Realeksamen 1972

Privat: Masser af livserfaring. Blandt andet er jeg mor til 3 dejlige (nu voksne) børn.  Jeg er enke, men har en kæreste, med hvem jeg deler mange gode oplevelser, blandt andet at holde og sejle en gammel træbåd.

Aktiv i lokalområdet, var tidligere bla. formand for idrætsforeningen i Bårse, og med i et lokaludviklingsprojekt i lokalrådene i Bårse-Beldringe, Lundby og Svinø.

Er nu bestyrelsesforkvinde i en landsdækkende forening og politisk aktiv i såvel lokal- som landspoliti, for Alternativet.

Jeg går til husflid, og når Coronaen slipper taget, vil jeg igen gerne dyrke svømning og gymnastik.

Hus og have tager også sin del af min tid, computeren mere end jeg vil være ved, og var der mulighed for, at have flere timer på et døgn, kunne jeg sagtens bruge, at være mere ude i naturen, motionere mere, læse mere, bruge mine kreative evner, se mere til venner m.m.

”Alternativt”: Stjernetegn: Stenbuk. Eneagramtype: 5. Tror på, at der må være mere mellem himmel og jord, end de fleste går og tror 😉

Life, job & Career planning.

John Hollman, USA

College degree in accounting and economics. Worked as a controller and realtor for a home building company for 6 years. Ran a manufacturing company of racquetball courts, squash courts and wood lockers, primarily for the fitness industry with 42 employees for 30 years.  Retired, though currently selling racquetball and squash courts in the US, manufactured by  nephew. Handyman and also educated in food and lifestyle and permaculture. 

Founder, accountant, janitor

Pernille Jespersen, Denmark

I teach yoga and am a Conversation Salon facilitator.

I am behind PernilleB Yoga and I have been teaching yoga since 2019. I love it. I have 400 hours of training behind me and still counting.

I am very curious about the interaction between body and mind, so energy medicine methods, EFT, Traditional Chinese Medicine and the like inspires me and I like to share it in my teaching.

I mostly have a lot of energy, and use yoga and meditation to recharge and as a development lab. And for the most part, life is a party.

I am trained in yin yoga, hatha yoga, trauma sensitive yoga as well as open flow yoga. I teach mostly yin yoga and sensory yoga, where it is more about what you can learn to feel, rather than what you can learn to do.

When I do not nerd yoga, I work as a manager, am the mother of two cool adult young men, long-term married, live in the countryside between Vordingborg and Næstved, love nature and travel. I am a trained teacher, leader etc., but most of all just human!

As a human being, I am curious, positive, development-oriented and at times quite impatient. I love passionate people with light in their eyes. I love to develop, find new paths, inspire and be inspired.

I am also a Conversation Salon facilitator and find it fascinating what conversations between people can contribute to and inspire us to. There is so much learning in the meeting between people and in the Conversation Salon you just have to relax and participate in the conversations that come past you, listen and contribute. The essence of the conversation room provides enriching encounters and red cheeks.

I am looking forward to meeting you.

Yoga, Conversation Salon

Lone Viemose, Denmark

My name is Lone Højgaard Viemose. I am 40 years old and the mother of Hans Christian at 7 years old and Solveig at 3 years old. I have a cand mag in History of Ideas, Philosophy and Modern Culture and Cultural Communication. I live in Vordingborg and work at the Teacher Education at KB in Copenhagen where I teach General education, Christianity and life information. I like a lot of fiction and beautiful nature. And I wish we humans were better at taking care of the marvelous and beautiful nature that surrounds us.

General education – Life enlightenment

Philippe from France

Philippe from France has been practicing Shiatsu since 1980: a way to use gentle pressure on acupoint and meridians used for acupuncture treatment. He has been studying with Shizuko Yamamoto. Philippe has developed his own practice for activation of the body channel, called meridians, in a way to combine sound and palm on the part of the body that needs attention


Charlotte Lou Langdon, Denmark

Permaculture Diploma holder certified by Permaculture Association Britain. Lou’s diploma portfolio is a compilation of some of the design work undertaken in the last 12 years that she has been working with permaculture, with designs from a broad range of categories. Lou works day to day as a viticulturist (wine-grower) and wine-maker for a small organic vineyard on Fejø island, here in Denmark. She is currently building her own home – a tiny house from natural materials. She is passionate about personal sustainability, living soil and design theory, seeing permaculture as a design science and a great way to build community and have fun together! 

Permaculture Design

Camilla Nielsen-Englyst, Denmark

Camilla Nielsen-Englyst has since its beginning in 2005 lived in in Denmark (the only ecovillage with its own zebra!). For the last few years, Camilla has worked as an international consultant in the Danish Red Cross Youth movement – running trainings and projects with volunteer groups globally. At the side, she has been engaged in the international projects run by the National Network of Ecovillages in Denmark, as the international project coordinator. Her professional background is within Educational Studies & Learning – and Communications. She has co-facilitated three different EDE’s after taking her own at Findhorn in 2011. Focus is in the social dimensions; visioning, conflicting, communicating, governing, deciding, coexisting. She is a certified GAIA Education trainer. 

GAIA Education Trainer