Written by Maud Cornet, Lyon, France

I discovered AIMA in February 2018. I followed the workshop “Reconnection gives direction” and got blown away by the tools AIMA provides to go within, transform your limiting beliefs and find your own solutions.

So, I decided to go through the whole education to become a coach. Even though I had not planned to be a coach, AIMA motivated me to bring those tools to others.

I got trained 1 week (a module) each month from October 2018 to February 2019. The process of training took place with a small but very nourishing group of people. The
education was a mix of theory with a lot of trainings, consisting in coaching the other
students and being coached by them. Those months took me through a whole process of self-development and even though I didn’t expect it would change me this much, it really freed myself from limiting beliefs that had been blocking me for years.

At the end of the modules, I had to coach at least 20 persons to get certified. So I started to offer free coaching to people, I knew and some I didn’t who would accepted to help me to get more professional while getting a free coaching session.

In June 2019, I started as a professional trainer in personal development in companies. I used some of the AIMA tools  with the groups, even though I didn’t use the deepest ones, which are reserved for individual coaching. Using those tools with groups was a really good training. It allowed me to observe how people react to the tools and deepen my understanding of them.

While I was growing into a professional trainer, I didn’t reach out much for coaching sessions, because it already felt as if it was a lot to take in.

Still, in the beginning of 2020, I created my own website and made it officially that I was a coach. Presenting myself as a coach felt like the right step though. Also, I remained active with being coached and coaching my AIMA colleagues in order to help each other with personal challenges, especially during the covid lock downs.

Beginning of 2021, I was feeling more confident about training groups, and I felt the need and desire to go deeper with individuals, ie coach more.

3 months later my website (interestingly!) started to bring me some clients for coaching. Through coaching them, I became more confident in my coaching skills, and now in July 2021, I feel totally legitimate as a coach and my practice is expanding.

It actually took 2 and a half years for me to feel secure with my practice of AIMA. It went slowly, coaching after coaching. There are a few important things that changed for this to happen:

  • First, I was doubting that others would have good results for themselves. I knew AIMA had
    worked for me, having had that experience, but I wasn’t feeling completely confident it would work for others just as well. I believe I felt that way because my own process had taken me through very intense sessions with unconscious traumas revealing themselves. So, I thought if people would not go through this kind of intensity, it didn’t work as good. It took me some time to realize and accept that everyone is different and all processes are different.
  • Second, I was very rigorous with the methods, and focus on AIMA’s frame in the first place. Which is actually very natural and good to start, but that got me to be too demanding toward myself and my practice. Now, I still use AIMA tools in a loyal way, but my own intuition has its place in the process. I often feel, while coaching, that I’m following my clients thread and that we’re “dancing together”.
  • Then, my attitude: I believe for all those reasons, I was a bit more tense during the sessions before. Now I feel like I am offering the time and space for someone to do his own work which I’m not responsible for. It’s like I’m totally invested in the process and at the same time, it’s not about me.
  • Price : I slowly raised my prices. I decided to have a single price no matter how long time a session lasts as I find it easier. I might raise it more in the future as my confidence grows even more.
  • Last but not least: All this time, I was supervised by Kristiane Ravn Frost, whose openness, experience, trust, professionalism and kindness helped me to break through. Having her to teach me and supervise my coaching sessions made all the difference. Thanks!

I am grateful for this whole process. I thought it would take 1 year before I would feel completely operational, but I believe there’s a good reason it took twice and half more!

I am now expecting my practice to grow and to be able to lead both training and coaching as 2 activities in my life. My wish is to continue to facilitate trainings as my primary work for the years ahead, and slowly add more coaching sessions. I am not planning on only being a coach. Also, I started in may 2021 to facilitate workshops for individuals (not companies) with a mix of tools, among which painting, which is my third way to support people with their inner development. Adding this brings in one more dimension!!!