Activate your Self Healing Powers

Activate your Self Healing Powers

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A weekend or week with focus on increasing health in body, mind and spirit

In this course, we explore health in a holistic way: Soul, mind and body and the profound connection between them. Your self-healing powers are amazing. Your body renews up to 300 billion cells a day. More information below.

Teachers: Kristiane Ravn Frost and more …

You’ll learn about the seesaw of damage and repair. What causes the cells of your body to break down and what they need to rebuild. The new science of epigenetics shows that each of us, with the genes we are born with, can create around 25.000 different variations of our selves. The characteristics (hereunder health issues) each of these variations possess, depends on which genes are activated. So it’s not the genes we are born with that is the decisive factor.

Epigenetics teaches us that the key to activating the “right” genes lies in our lifestyle, emotions, thinking, food and environment.

Thus the course covers a broad range of topics: food, body functions such as immune system, digestion, blood sugar, hormones, diseases, movement, emotions, self-reflection, your values, goals and dreams, creativity and connection to ourselves, each other and nature. The course includes lectures, self-reflection exercises, mindfulness, movement and cooking classes, nature connection practises and art workshops.

You will learn how to manage stress and which tools to use. You will learn about the importance of movement and how foods can be used to encourage the body’s ability to heal itself and boost the immune system.  Mindfulness, movement, meditation, a holistic approach to food, nature connection practices and art classes allows you to explore practices that support your life and wellbeing.

This course has several teachers, who are specialized in different areas of health. Some of them has decades of experience working with healing. Lectures and practical exercises is interwoven with time to rest, use our fitness center and explore the stunning nature around the school. Delicious, healthy and organic meals nourish you and your cells. The ingredients we use is mainly organic, vegan, unrefined, milk, sugar and gluten-free. Fish and eggs, however, occurs in small amounts as an add-on to the complete vegan meals.

If you have health problems, are stressed or unsatisfied with your life or just want to increase your energy level, this course gives you the tools and insights on how to improve your life quality and activate your self-healing capabilities. You get an all-round understanding of the holistic approach to wellbeing along with how to set wellness goals and use various practices to reach them. Most people experience a substantial increase in their energy level during the course.


  • Correlation between sleep, food, movement, attitude, physical and mental health
  • The seesaw of damage and repair. The balance between degeneration and regeneration.
  • How to boost your immune system and avoid being a victim of virus, bacteria and inflammation. 
  • Optimize your digestion
  • Autoimmune diseases  & inflammation.
  • Stable blood sugar
  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga
  • Qigong
  • Meditation
  • Breath “work”
  • Liberating movements
  • Benefits and challenges of different dietary approaches.

Practical Information:

Arrival: Between 4 and 7pm
Last teaching session ends no later than 6pm
Departure:  before 11am next morning

We look forward to welcome you to Activate your selfhealing powers

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