Activate your Self Healing Powers

Activate your Self Healing Powers

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A one week course with focus on activating your selfhealing powers

The course is a unique combination of information, tools, coaching, hands-on cooking and meals. You get a compass to find your own path in relation to health and vitality.

Main teacher: Kristiane Ravn Frost


There is currently a great deal of confusion about what constitutes healthy and unhealthy. One theory contradicts the other. The course gives you simple tools to take a stand on what is healthy for you. It is not the same for all. In addition, you get concrete tools to tackle extreme needs without self condemnation.

You discover that your self-healing powers are amazing. Your body renews up to 300 billion cells a day. Just on these 5 days it will be evident that your new cells can be healthier than those they replace. The reason why this usually does not happen is stress, fear, malnutrition and a sedentary life. Most experience a substantial increase in energy level during the course.

maden1During the course you get a deeper understanding of your body’s signals and of course lots of inspiration to delicious food with the right carbohydrates. There is a good balance between information and intuition on the course, generating increased awareness of the link between diet and personality, so you can create a positive interaction and break the circle if it for you has become a vicious one.

You end up making your very own customized meal plan, which both takes your situation, your values about food, your personality and those you cook for into account. A good tool you can use for the rest of his life.

The ingredients we use is mainly organic, vegan, unrefined, milk, sugar and gluten-free. Fish and eggs, however, occurs in small amounts on some courses depending on the needs and wishes of the participants. Your personal meal plan may look significantly different, depending on your wishes and needs.

foto 2The course emphasizes the integration of the knowledge into your everyday life. You will have the opportunity to get your hands in the pots. Physical exercises, walking, rest and other appropriate methods to activate the body’s self-healing forces are integrated into the course of the day in accordance with the needs of each individual as well as the group.

We cook a combination of healing foods, strengthening foods, detoxing foods, regenerative foods, family foods, food for children and food for enjoyment based on specific needs of the participants. You may choose to mostly focus on what resonates with you and your situation. Although the day are long and intensive, nobody will be pressured to do more than they can handle.

  • Correlation between sleep, food, movement, physical and mental health
  • Functioning of the intestinesHPIM4597
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Stable blood sugar?
  • Exploration of your relationship with food
  • The optimal nutrition for your micro-biom
  • Mindful eating
  • Benefits and challenges of different dietary directions.
  • Assessment of ingredients and shopping
  • Freedom from unhealthy eating habits
  • Understanding the effect of various methods of preparation
  • Inspiration to create healthy and delicious recipes
  • Menu-planning with focus on individual needs, season, taste, texture, colors and cooking methods
  • A personalized meal plan that’s right for you and your situation. Drawn up based on your goals and dreams, your condition, your needs, your life situation, nutritional information & sensual gratification.
  • The experience that food makes a difference is felt by most people in less than 3 days.
  • Principles of the macrobiotic philosophy
  • 9 meals and cooking sessions – 2 demonstrations and 7 hands-on

You’ll learn about

  • Lifestyle diseases. The balance between degeneration and regeneration – damage and repair. 
  • How to avoid being a victim of virus, bacteria and inflammation. 
  • A healthy relationship with food. 
  • Hands-on cooking. Menu planning.
  • A combination of healing foods, strengthening foods, detoxing foods, regenerative foods, family foods, food for children, food for the microbiom and food for enjoyment. 
  • Exploring the positives and negatives of veganism. (More than 95% of the food at Avnø is plant based. You will learn why it’s not 100%.) 
  • Choose your ingredients with care and setting up your kitchen. 
  • Food and identity. How to design a diet that works for YOU! 
  • The importance of movement, physical activity and breathing.
  • Liberating movements. Breath work. 
  • Interesting in taking the next step and develop the knowledge you gained into a career?

We look forward to welcoming you to activate your selfhealing powers

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May 23-29, July 6-12, September 26-Oct 1, Oct 17-22


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