Activate your self-healing powers

Activate your self-healing powers

12.500 kr.15.000 kr.

June 9-18th

Did you know that your body has an amazing power to heal itself given the right conditions and that it replaces 300 billion cells every day? Would you like to have more energy? Or a better quality of life? Would you like to learn a healthy way of dealing with weight issues, blood sugar issues, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases?


Then this retreat is for you!

Health emerges naturally when we are connected to ourselves, nature and the universe, and health emerges naturally when we supply our body with healthy food. This 10 day retreat empowers you with skills to activate your selfhealing powers. Avnø Oasis is an oasis where you can heal and reconnect with yourself by aligning with natural principles.

This retreat is designed for you in a new and innovative collaboration between various health practitioners working in their own fields, including macrobiotic chefs, psychotherapists, acupuncturists, waduatsu therapists and more.

Located in a nature reserve surrounded by forest and within 300 meters from the sea, Avnø Oasis offers a peaceful and rejuvenating setting. It’s a perfect place to take care of ourselves, regenerate and start a new way of living.




  • A confidential and personal consultation before the retreat with a check-in on your current health condition, (diagnosis, medication, particular circumstances and your own goals with participating
  • Stay at Avnø Oasis with full tuition and board
  • An online follow-up after the retreat to support you in your new life back home a new way of living



During the 10-day retreat you will:

  • Have a 30 min. confidential interview in the beginning of the course and another in the end.
  • Get a general understanding of our marvellous body, how disease emerges and how it may be reversed, hereunder how the body absorbs, creates and releases energy, how glucose relates to our cells, different types of diabetes, the role of insulin and more…
  • Learn a macrobiotic culinary approach through cooking lessons and daily served meals to understand the impact of different food combinations, enhance your connection to food and yourself and help your body regenerate.
  • Connect with the beautiful nature surrounding Avnø Oasis, through physical and meditative activities to improve your circulation, strengthen your immune system and increase your sense of wellbeing.
  • Three personal treatments are included in the price of the retreat: Massage, energy balancing, acupuncture with heatpoints, therapeutic sessions. More can be booked with additional cost.
  • Experience a new way of life and prepare a personal plan for your new life back home.



Alicia Kon
Practices Eastern Medicine, Biodanza

Jonathan Eliot
Mental Health Nurse, energy healer

Kristiane Ravn Frost
Macrobiotic chef, Expert in Personal Transformation


Helena March
Permaculture Designer. Walks in nature, edible/medicinal plants. 

Anne-Line Portrait August 2020

Anne-Line Møller Sutcliffe
Specialised in reconnecting with nature activities


Sonny Andersen
Specialised in Reiki, Coaching, Massage, and Holistic Energy 


  • Arrival on Friday June 9th between 4 and 7pm (dinner at 6pm – program starts at 7pm).
  • Program ends 4 pm Sunday June 18th.
  • Departure at the latest 10 am Monday June 19th.
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