Cooking for Health and Happiness

Cooking for Health and Happiness

4.600 kr.5.200 kr.

A week with focus on your relationship with food

The course is a unique combination of information, tools, hands-on cooking and meals. You get a compass to make food work for YOU!

Primary teacher: Kristiane Ravn Frost
Arrival: 4-6 pm first day. Course starts at 7pm
Last teaching session ends last day at 7pm
Departure: Next morning before 11am

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Introduction to the course

There is currently a great deal of confusion about which foods are healthy. One theory contradicts the other. The course gives you simple tools to find out of which foods works for you. In addition, you get concrete tools to tackle extreme needs without self condemnation.

The course emphasizes the integration of the theoretical knowledge in your everyday life, among other things by giving you the opportunity to get your hands on the pots. On the course we cook a combination of healing food, strengthening food, detoxifying food, regenerative food, family food, food for children, food for enjoyment, food for the microbiome and other specific needs & desires of the participants.

The ingredients we use are mainly organic, vegan, unrefined, milk, sugar and gluten-free. However, fish and eggs occurs in small amounts on some courses depending onthe needs and wishes of the participants. Your personal meal plan may look significantly different from the food we eat during the course.You will get lots of inspiration on how to cook delicious food with the right carbohydrates.

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A good balance between information and intuition creates increased awareness of the connection between diet and personality. As you develop a deeper understanding of your body’s signals and learn to create a healthy relationship with food, you free yourself from unhealthy eating habits and become able to break vicious circles.

You end up making your very own customized meal plan, which both takes your situation, your values about food, your personality and those you cook for into account. A good tool you can use for the rest of your life.

Your body renews up to 300 billion cells a day. During these few days of the course, it will become clear that your new cells will be healthier than the ones they replace due to the access to good quality nutrients. Most people experience a noticeable increase in their energy level during the course.



  • 9 cooking classes – 2 demonstrations and 7 hands-on. 17 meals.
  • Menu-planning. Planning a balanced meal that also works for the people you cook for.
  • Exploration of food and identity. Your relationship with food. How food affects you. Designing a diet that works for YOU!
  • Using food to optimize your health and well being. Stabilizing blood sugar. Supporting digestion. Reducing inflammation.
  • Assessment of ingredients, shopping & setting up your kitchen.
  • Mindful eating.
  • Benefits and challenges of different dietary approaches, including veganism.
  • The effect of various methods of meal preparation
  • Use macrobiotic principles to create your own healthy and delicious recipes
  • Your personal meal plan based on your goals and dreams, your condition, your needs, your life situation, nutritional content & sensual gratification.

If you are interested in taking one more step and develop the knowledge you gained into a career, please keep an eye on when we offer the green Chef training. 

We look forward to welcome you to Cooking for Health and Happiness


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August 27 – September 1, 2023