Crossing Borders 2021 EN

Crossing Borders 2021 EN


If you want to join Crossing borders at Avnø Højskole

  • Fill the Application Form with motivation letter.
  • Receive an approval, that you can join the line.
  • Make a payment.
  • Become a student!

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In Spring 2021 we can’t wait to welcome you to join the Crossing Borders Global Studies at Avno People’s College 



Why do you need to take Crossing Borders? 

 Here you will get a life-changing experience to: 

  • Be in a global learning space and time to discover what you are passionate about and good at and want to develop.
  • Meet and learn to communicate and make friends with fellow youth from many different cultures, professions, age and perspectives.  
  • Try out and improve your ideas, social competences and skills. 
  • Build your capacity to be able to live, study and work with other fellow colleagues anywhere in the world .
  • Discover and experience a sense of balance and wellbeing in the company of a diverse group of socially-minded people with different backgrounds and perspectives. 
  • Experience life, education and work in Denmark together with other people from around the world.
  • Visit and experience exciting cultural and sustainable sites of interest in Denmark.  
  • Learn and apply social entrepreneurship project development and design. 

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