Explore and Co-Create Life in Oasis Eco-Village

Explore and Co-Create Life in Oasis Eco-Village

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Explore the possibility of becoming one of the first residents of our co-housing community, which aims to live healthy, grow together and co-create sustainable livelihoods under the new paradigm.

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Are you looking for a place to settle down and live life as humans are supposed to? Do you crave a place that offers it all – a meaningful work, a conscious community, and a home centered in & around nature?  We have 21 ha of land with 6058 sqm of buildings in a nature protected area directly at the coast. Once the local plan is approved, we will establish a cooperative housing association (andelsboligforening). 

This week is for us to get to know each other and for you to get an idea of how we’re living in our community. We will start with a tour of the place and an introduction to what Avnø Oasis is about. The program will include:

  • workshops regarding our vision, mission, values, sharing circle, our organisation, our working groups and our decision making model (sociocracy).
  • learning about the principles that we use in our meal preparation.  
  • time for connection, community work, and nature walks. 
  • our indoor space offers other leisure opportunities such as reading books in the cosy library, playing sports games in the gym, board games, billiards, exercising in the fitness room, yoga, enjoying healthy snacks and desserts together. 

We are welcoming you to bring your curiosity and talents, games, musical instruments, songbooks, etc to join the social evenings and co-create other activities.


Coming with Children

For children, there is going to be an art and play center along with a big gym, where they can freely move around and enjoy indoor games. On certain days and times babysitting services will be offered on an hourly basis for additional prices. We have staff on site, who will be happy to take care of and entertain your children while you participate in other activities or take time for yourself. 



The bulk of the food consists of organic whole grains, beans, seeds & local vegetables, complemented with fermented foods, fruits, nuts, seaweeds and a small amount of animal foods (mostly fish and eggs). A vegan option will be provided for vegan people.


Accommodations and Rates

We offer spacious, simple rooms in our grand home. Each room has a private bathroom with toilet and shower, and a dresser/closet. You’ll find bedsheets, towels and soap available. There is a fast internet connection in each room. Some of the rooms have a view to the sea, some towards the forest and some toward our inner yard.

There is access to a kitchenette on your floor, where you will be able to make yourself a cup of tea. 

The accommodation rates include 3 high quality nutritiously complete meals a day, and most often also a snack, and all activities listed in the program description besides local trips and children services.


Celebrate Holidays in Avnø Oasis Community

Join us for Community Christmas Celebration and New Year Celebration.



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