Green skills and Healthy Living (Summer Camp)

Green skills and Healthy Living (Summer Camp)

250 kr.5.000 kr.

From July 21-30

10-day summer camp where you learn green skills in a fun and practical way and get a taste of a healthy lifestyle.

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Green Skills and Healthy Living

Are you ready to change your life ?


Yes ? Let’s go !

Our aim is to increase your ability to implement sustainable and healthy habits into your daily life.

In Avnø Højskole we believe that long term changes are coming by simple and effective actions that give us happiness and at the same time connect us with our deep values.

We are better together ! You will not only learn but also have fun in our beautiful and protected area situated 300meters from the sea. This is a unique experience for you to live within an ecovillage in the middle of nature. Renew yourself aswell as enjoying your holidays with like minded people !


  • Friday 21.07:
    Welcome Tour / Game night: Getting to know each other
  • Saturday 22.07:
    Learn about Permaculture principles and start practicing in the garden with our Permaculture designer Helena Marchenko !
  • Sunday 23.07:
    Morning: Create natural paper with Sandra Christiansen
    Afternoon: Experience a Biodanza session with facilitator Alicia Kon
    Evening: Bonfire night !
  •  Monday 24.07:
    Morning: Choosing foods for health and happiness with Kristiane Ravn Frost
    Afternoon: Dealing with difficult emotions with our Aima coach Kristiane Ravn Frost
  •  Tuesday 25.07:
    Create Land Art in nature around Avnø with our young artist and designer Victoria Mouton
    Evening: Watch a regenerative project documentary in Avnø auditorium
  • Wednesday 26.07:
    Practice Healthy Movements, Do-In and Wado-Atsu massage technique in nature with our body therapist Alicia Kon !
  • Thursday 28.07:
    Learn about flax production and weaving technique with Anne Vinter
    Evening: Let Anne carry you away in circle folk dances !
  •  Friday 29.07:
    Morning: Create natural ink with Sandra Christiansen
    Afternoon: Enjoy a hike to Svinø Strand
  • Saturday 30.07:
    Morning: Practice your permaculture in-depth with Helena Marchenko
    Afternoon: Create your own design with Victoria Mouton
    Evening: Let’s celebrate !
  • Sunday 31.07:
    Goodbye time !

Avnø daily life

During your stay, you will also be able to use Avnø Højskole facilities: a fitness room, a music room with loads of instruments to play with, a creative and a sewing room… You will surely have plenty of ways to enjoy your time !

As Avnø Højskole is part of Avnø Oasis Ecovillage, this course will immerse you into a macrobiotic lifestyle community. We both eat only organic and as much local food as we can! We eat this diet, and respect this philosophy within a stimulants free culture (no drugs, sugar, coffee, alcohol…). This way, we ensure to live with ourselves and each other in a more regenerative way.

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