Health and Happiness 2021

Health and Happiness 2021


To join Health and Happiness at Avnø Højskole

  • Fill out the Application Form with a motivational letter.
  • Choose which module(s) to join.
  • Wait to receive a confirmation.
  • Make a payment.
  • Become a student!

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We can’t wait to welcome you to join Health and Happiness

  • Module 1. February 17 – March 30  or from August 9 – September 19 – Adapt a healthy lifestyle: Activate your self healing powers with food, lifestyle and movement.
  • Module 2. March 31 – May 18  or from September 20 – November 7 – Reconnection gives Direction: Activate your self healing powers with a positive mindset and authentic relations.
  • Module 3. May 19 – June 29 or from November 8 – December 19 – Share the Gift: Activate your self healing powers through guiding others to transform their life and health.

Why do you need to take Health and Happiness? 

Here is why you need to experience Health and Happiness at this special school in this special period of your life.

  • A unique opportunity to increase your level of energy and optimize your health.
  • These studies will empower you to take charge in your life with the least amount of effort as they provide an in depth understanding of the interconnection of  food, mindset, lifestyle, body, mind & soul.
  • Discover what works for you – Become free of all the beliefs regarding health and happiness. Do this – do that…
  • It takes place in a global learning space with an inspiring environment among people, who seek a higher quality of life for themselves and the world.
  • There is no better place than Avnø to experience Nature and reconnect with your own inner nature.
  • It is always special to be part of the first group of students in the first People’s College in Denmark, which has regeneration on all levels of life as its DNA.

Health and Happiness description


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