Module 1 – Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Module 1 – Adopt a healthy lifestyle

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Module 1 start the 1 april 2021

  • The seesaw of damage and repair. Lifestyle diseases. 
  • Stop being the victim of virus, bacteria and inflammation. 
  • A healthy relationship with food. 
  • Hands-on cooking. Menu planning. 
  • A combination of healing foods, strengthening foods, detoxing foods, regenerative foods, family foods, food for children, food for the microbiom and food for enjoyment. 
  • Exploring the positives and negatives of veganism. (More than 95% of the food will be plant based.) 
  • Choosing ingredients and setting up your kitchen. 
  • Food and identity. How to design a diet that works for YOU! 
  • The importance of movement, physical activity and breathing. Liberating movements. Breath work. 
  • How to take the next step: Develop the knowledge you gained into a career.

We look forward to welcoming you to module 1 – Adopt a healthy lifestyle



Adopt a healthy lifestyle



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