Module 2 – Reconnection gives Direction

Module 2 – Reconnection gives Direction

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Module 2. starts the 8 april 2021

  • Adapt a positive mindset and positive beliefs about you and the world.
  • Strengthen your self worth – Increase your ability to love yourself.
  • From stress to presence. Self reflection. Mindfulness.
  • Wisdom, identification and contact with nature.
  • Dealing with difficult emotions. Finding meaning.
  • Increasing your ability to focus. Transforming obstacles into opportunities.
  • Creating healthy & authentic relationships. Working as a team member.
  • Relationship patterns. Projections. Letting go. Standing up for your self.
  • Leadership. Team and project management. Social entrepreneurship.
  • Thought storm. Peace and conflict resolution. Coaching and facilitating meetings.


We look forward to welcoming you to module 2 – Reconnection gives Direction



Reconnection gives Direction



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