Module 3 – Permaculture and Design Principles

Module 3 – Permaculture and Design Principles

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Module 3. starts on the 16 April 2021

Permaculture is about designing a “permanent culture” as opposed to the culture of modern society which is based on symptomatic treatment and borrowing from the future. Many people think permaculture primarily is about growing food, but once the principles are understood, they may be used to design any area of life: Personal, communal, a piece of land, a project, or a business.

Permaculture at Avnø højskole is about shifting into a new paradigm. In these times of ecological, social, political, and spiritual crisis, we need, now more than ever, to gather, to reflect, and to act for a radical change in our lives, a deep spiritual change that will take us out of the old system of beliefs we were born in and allow us to enter a new reality that will shape the world of tomorrow.

We have a wide approach to permaculture and use philosophy and other subjects in an innovative, non-formal and participatory way to both question our actual system and bring to existence the concepts that will improve it. Together we will go through a global reflection on how to reconnect with nature, find our true selves, and be the change that we want to bring to the world.

We look forward to welcoming you to module 3 – Permaculture & Design Principles.


Permaculture & Design Principles



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