Permaculture design certifikat course – PDC 2021

Permaculture design certifikat course – PDC 2021

8.000 DKK9.200 DKK

August 15-28, 2021

Nature and its cycles are used as a model to design and create systems that meet the needs of man and the earth.

Main teacher: Jesper Saxgren

Assistent teacher and coordinator: Kristiane Ravn Frost


The term ‘permaculture’ originally originated as a term for permanent agriculture (sustainable agriculture), but has since been developed more broadly as a holistic analysis, planning and design method based on the study of natural ecosystems.

Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC) is for you who

  • wants to learn more about sustainable, regenerative living,
  • wants to learn to design ecological holistic solutions based on the basic principles of nature,
  • dream of realizing a sound ecologically sustainable future,
  • wants a course with experienced teachers who practice permaculture,
  • wants a Permaculture Design Certificate and
  • wants to understand yourself and your surroundings better.

The PDC course gives you tools for a holistic sustainable transition, based on the fundamental values of permaculture:

Caring for the Earth, Caring for People and Caring for the Future (fair distribution of resources).

Certificate in Permaculture

The PDC course is an internationally standardized course in the sense that 70% of the content is the same, no matter where in the world you take the course. The remaining 30% are adapted to the geographical location and often with a special focus.

After successful participation in the PDC course, you will be awarded a certificate in Permaculture from Permaculture Denmark. As a certificate holder, you have the right to call your own designed projects “Permaculture” and teach short courses in permaculture. See more about Permaculture Certificate and the course’s formal requirements here. Avnø Højskole’s PDC course is approved by the Danish Permaculture Association.

NB! A prerequisite for receiving the Permaculture Certificate is that you participate EVERY day.

The mandatory content of the course

The theory and basic principles of permaculture are illustrated by means of practical examples within the following subject areas:

  • Introduction to permaculture, ethics and basic principles
  • Design processes, methods and tools
  • To read a landscape, the patterns of nature, ecosystems
  • A living soil, regenerative methods and fertility
  • Water in the landscape, rainwater collection, plant-based water purification and aquaculture systems.
  • Plants and trees, cultivation systems, forest gardens, polycultures, agro-ecology and holistic grazing
  • Climate and energy, microclimate
  • Ecological construction, urban ecology
  • Bio Regions, country-city network, social organization
  • Permaculture, nationally and internationally, indigenous people.

The certificate course ends with the students preparing a concrete design project in group collaboration, where the students demonstrate that they have understood the basic principles and techniques of permaculture. The result is presented to the teachers and the other course participants as a conclusion to the course.

The course is interactive. Along the way, you will both participate in practical assignments and perform small design assignments on various topics.

A Permaculture Design Course comprises a minimum of 72 teaching hours. The course here is extended with various højskole activities, which altogether gives you around 96 hours. There is no exam on the course. Certificate is in principle issued to those, who have participated in the entire course.

The special focus of this course

As the aspiring eco-village, which the Oasis Ecovillage project is establishing on Avnø, is our learning space, the special focus of this PDC course will naturally be on the design of the Oasis Ecovillage project as a whole and the individual parts: Hojskole (Peoples college), health sanctuary, housing association, entrepreneurship, heating plant and production of biochar, design of outdoor areas, kitchen garden techniques, vegetable and herb beds, construction of forest garden, compost systems, animals and holistic grazing etc. In addition, a mini-sociocracy course will be included. Study trips will be arranged to more well-established places, just as there will also be guest lecturers from other places. Details will appear in the final program, which will be sent out approximately 2 weeks before the course.

A special opportunity

A special opportunity for you is to register for one of the project courses at Avnø højskole, where these two weeks are included. In addition to the elective subjects, you will then be able to work further with the design and implementation of green projects based on the principles you learn in this course.


Arrival Sunday August 15 during the afternoon. Departure Saturday August 28  after brunch. Daily teaching will end around 8:30 pm with good breaks for lunch, dinner, reflection etc.


The final program and additional information for the course participants will be available approx. 1-2 weeks before the course start.

Main teacher

Jesper Saxgren

Jesper Saxgren is a Permaculture Diploma holder and has worked with permaculture since he participated in the first PC course in Denmark in 1987.

Since 1984, he has worked professionally with consulting, project development, education and public education.

With over 35 years of experience in the field of ecology and the environment, including agro-organic farming, aquaculture, organic construction and regenerative land use planning, watershed and ecosystem management, Jesper has worked as a planner, teacher, facilitator and consultant in Denmark as well as with NGOs in Nepal, Ghana, Bolivia and Bhutan.

He has developed, projected and launched as well as contributed to the implementation of several highly recognized experimental and development projects in the field of ecology and the environment nationally and internationally and has documented and described both process and results in reports and articles.

He is the vice chairman of the Development Committee of the National Organic Association, Ambassador of EARTH University in Costa Rica, co-founder of the association EarthWays and Founding Trustee of The Regenerative Viticulture Foundation.

Assistent teacher and coordinator

Kristiane Ravn Frost

Kristiane has since she underwent training as a macrobiotic teacher and diet and lifestyle counselor in 1981 and read “One Straw Revolution” by Masanobu Fukuoka sought to live and work in accordance with the laws of nature.

Her first PDC in 2018 with Richard Perkins at Richdale confirmed the thinking and built a larger theoretical foundation on it. The next, which was part of the Ecovillage Design training in Damenhur in 2018, where Nicola Savio taught Permaculture, once again expanded the theoretical foundation and so did Earth Activist Training in the eco-community Sieben Linden in Germany in 2019, taught by Starhawk and Alfred Decker.

Kristiane has been teaching diet and lifestyle since 1982. In 2001, she designed an effective and in-depth self-reflection and coaching system for personal transformation. As early as the 1980’s she realized that the greatest obstacle to the paradigm shift humanity faces is not lack of knowledge, but inability to adapt personally. Kristiane is one of the founders of the Oasis Ecovillage project and has taken an active part in all aspects of the design and is working on her permaculture diploma.

Guest lecturers

In addition, the course will feature various presentations by a number of specialists. We reveal who as we approach the first week of teaching!

The location: Avnø folk high school

Naturewise, the area is extremely interesting, as the 21 hectares, which include 4-5 ha of forest and a large part of the beach meadow have the sea on one side and Avnø nature center on the other side. Avnø was originally an island, but the area was drained in 1933 and in 1936 a military air base was built in the area. In 1993, the military moved out, the area became protected and opened to the public and the buildings, which the Oasis project now owns were used as a police academy until 2010. Therefore design in accordance with the laws of nature is not a choice, but a necessity in this scenic and sensitive area – and also a challenge, partly due to the size of the project, partly due to the legal jungle that protection, beach protection line, local plan etc. constitute. Fortunately, the municipality is positive toward the project. As the buildings most of all have the character of urban buildings, the solutions we create can be transferred to urban settings. Read more about the place here.


Normal participating DKK 8,000.
Company or job center DKK 10,000 (receipt sent to company)
Students, low income DKK 6,200 (only 2 places at this price)

The award includes full board, tuition, materials, membership of Permaculture Denmark and a contribution to the sponsorship so that the less fortunate in other parts of the world may participate in the international permaculture conference. Accommodation is in a 3-person room. Additional fee in a 2 person room is DKK 600. Additional fee for a single room is DKK 1,200. All rooms have private bathrooms.

NOTE: Please note – it is not possible to bring children or pets on the course.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included throughout the course. We expect all participants to lend a hand in connection with harvesting vegetables, cooking, serving, washing dishes and cleaning and bring their own bed linen. Read more about the food here.


Registration is at the top of this page. Choose the room you like. Pay a deposit (DKK 1,500) or the entire course fee. Note that if an invoice is to be issued to a company, job center or similar, VAT will be added to the amount. This guarantees you a place on the course (deposit is only refunded if the course is canceled due to Corona or by Avnø højskole). The rest to be paid no later than July 1, 2021.

Questions about the course and registration

Contact Kristiane Ravn Frost: or tel: 28604859


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