Reconnection Gives Direction (Earlier called Source Your Life)

Reconnection Gives Direction (Earlier called Source Your Life)

4.600 kr.5.200 kr.

A week with focus on getting in touch with your core and make your wishes and dreams come true!

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  • Are you looking for tools to optimize your life and career?
  • Are you anticipating changes in one or more areas?
  • Do you want greater effectiveness?
  • Are you looking for answers to questions like, who am I?, what will I do? How do I get there?
  • Are you looking for peace of mind and in relation to other people?
  • Would you like to become better at turning obstacles into opportunity?
  • Are you considering becoming a coach? (This course is also the first module of the Aima coach training program)

A unique combination of information about how the mind works, tools, coaching, exploration of inner and outer nature. You are led on an inner journey of discovery, which connects you with your heart and step by step guides you to discover the key to create the life you want. With a coach available and a systematic program as a starting point you examine your life at your own pace. Occasionally you participate in group activities.

You receive tools for reflection, transformation and mindfulness, while you train your ability to handle stress, rampant thoughts and troublesome feelings and find clarity and direction in life. You will be trained to consciously control your focus and learn to expose the core of your problems and turn them into creative energy.

The course gives you a unique opportunity to work with specific obstacles in your life at your own pace without having to disclose intimate details to other course participants. The tools can be used over and over again. The first step to be able to change anything is, to recognise that something isn’t the way you want it and realize what it is really about. Then it can be transformed, which provides peace of mind. When you’ve got peace in your own mind you are guided to create peace in the relationship with your fellow human beings and process/change deep rooted programming in your personality, if you feel a need for it. The course ends with you creating a viable strategy and action plan in regards to the four most important areas of your life: 1) Home/close relations, 2) Job/career , 3) personal/spiritual development/health, 4) friends/acquaintances and leisure time.

You leave the course with a deepened insight into what is going on in your mind and how it affects your quality of life, clarity about where your energy leaks out and how you can redirect it, tools to remove subliminal programming, such as negative self images, bad habits and other things, which prevents you from living your dream, realistic and lasting goals and a viable action plan. In short, with greater effectiveness and a strengthened ability to live an inside and heart driven life and leadership.

It all takes place in a lovely setting with a serene atmosphere in contact with nature, healthy and delicious organic food and respect for your privacy. There is a strong emphasis on the individual in the process.

Content of the workshop

  • Simple groundbreaking psychological tools, you can use in everyday life, including Aima’s transformation procedure which is a unique tool to find and remove programs that prevent you from succeeding.
  • New approaches to your daily life and your relationship with other people
  • The opportunity to review of all areas of your life. It is your decisions that determine how life-changing the course will be for you.
  • Guidance/conversation/coaching about optimal use of Aima’s coach-your-self tools during the workshop and at home.
  • Inspiring group work.
  • Problem clarification.
  • Goals & action plan based on your heart.
  • Lovely surroundings – contact to nature.
  • Delicious and healthy organic food.
  • Companionship without social obligations.
  • The opportunity to create an entirely new relationship with the most important person in your life: You.

Primary teacher: Kristiane Ravn Frost 
First day between 4 and 7pm
Last teaching session ends
the day before departure at 5pm
Last day before 11am (During December course it is possible to stay til the 1st of Januar)

Preconditions for having a successful workshop:

A will to perceive things the way they are — even when it feels confronting. A heartfelt desire to take your life to the next level and change your beliefs about what is possible. Anything else can be resolved.

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October 22-27, November 28-December 3